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All Comments

Why do I find the really fem looking T girls/shemales super intoxicating? I have had a huge fantasy for years?
I put it out of my mind but within days/weeks that is all I can think consumes me at times. I've been 100% straight (up to a couple weeks ago) my whole life so why is my mind so transfixed on them?
i dont know, only you have the answer
Am I bi if I like girls and shemales?
I dont look at guys or anything and I dont find any guys attractive, but I'm turned on by the really feminine looking shemales. Like I talked to tones of girls I know about it and nobody can tell me for sure. I always thought being Bi is when you like both males and females, but I know that I could NEVER see myself with a guy so...
si - yes
Shemales better then girls????
I actually think shemales are way hotter and better looking to girls (no offence) they look soo cute :D and i just think that i could cuddle with one if only i knew were they are :( do any other guys think like this to and i dont really know if am i gay or bi i think i might be bi if i know that a shemale is a man but they are just so darn hot and they turn me on 100% when i see a girl they like turn me ummm like maybe 60 percent but anyways how can i find a shemale thats cute and cuddly thats who i want to find and live with forever just cuddle in bed at night sounds soo cute :3 do you guys and/or girls think the same?
It's your choice but it makes you gay
Straight Man Can't Stop Fantasizing About T-Girls/Transsexuals/Shemales?
Hi everyone
Im a straight guy (21yo), I have a gf/fiance and I love her. She means the world to me
BUT for ova 7 years now, I cant stop fantasizing about becoming and being a shemale or being with a shemale
I tried so hard, but I cant stop it
So Im torn apart, on one side I want to be a shemale, on the other dont want to break my gf's heart and want to keep her happy

What to do? Any recommendation? Suggestion?

Thank you in advance. Please take it seriously since I am having agonies about it. Sorry for referring pre-op transsexuals as shemales. I know all the definitions and meanings. Thanks again
Why would you want to become a gay man who dresses as a woman and displays his penis publicly? That is what a shemale is. It is a very degrading term. It sounds like you have a self-esteem problem if you feel you must degrade yourself.

Remember, TSs remove their original parts, while TGs, shemales, T-girls do not. An MtF TS is a woman born with the wrong parts and the need to correct that birth defect. MtF TGs are merely men who dress/act as women.

Also, an attraction to shemales/TGs is almost exclusively a masculine desire. So that should be a red flag against proceding in a feminine manner. Regardless, see a therapist, and they can help you sort out your life. If they think you should transition, then they will refer you to an endo to put you on hormones.

As for your girlfriend, I would sit down and have a big long talk with her. She might can help you sort out things.
Are shemales a real girls who were born with penis?
i would like to know if shemales are real girls who were born with penis by human deformity or mutation of genes i watched a video about a teen girl who looks very femenine no signs of tranvesty transformation, nothing like man body, i could easy tell when a man transformed into a woman cause even many man have hundreds of plastic surgery on face and body will never look 100% woman but seriously this girl was so cute and dellicate i was really in shock when i saw she had a penis WOW!
There is no scientific or medical definition of the term "shemale." You sound like a crazy person.

EDIT Yeah, Chick has an excellent point. Watching videos of naked teens is illegal, no matter what kind of junk they're sporting.
To shemales and guys that dress like girls?
Shemales means that you look woman but still have the junk of a mans. So i guess that you tuck your package back. My question is when looking like a woman all dressed up have you ever been hit in the balls or sat on them causing pain. how do you hide this pain. so people don't think you have balls. And also how do you pee and what happens if you get hard while tucked back?
what are you 12? first off if you kick a natal-women in between the legs it will still hurt even though she doesn't have a penis.
Am I gay for liking shemales but not guys? i like girls too.?
I watch shemale porn and get off to them ******* guys and girls and trannies and being ****** by guys and trannies. I like girls and am turned on by them too but I could not ever do anything with a guy. Am I bi or gay or straight?
A lot of people like porn of things they'd never do in real life, You're most likely straight :\
Question on transsexual and shemales?
Why the people who surgically convert their sex always claim and they are always recognized as transsexual? I mean technically if they have changed their sex then like from male to female then technically they are female now. But they seemed to always tagged as trans-sexual instead of calling them like female. And they also seemed to be enjoyed being called trans-sexual (and happily accepted the fact that they are trans-sexual). I am not taking any stance for or against trans-sexual. I want to know the attitude behind this.

Besides she-males (hermaphrodites) are also called trans-sexual. But then it is rather confusing. I thought that only the people who change (transfer hence the trans- part) are called trans-sexual. Is there any term that denotes only the gender confirmation and not including the she-males.

Next she-males, are they like man with big breasts ? That is what claimed in many internet sites. Or they feel asexual towards men/women? I thought they were because in ancient the she-males were used to guard the girls in harems because they are considered asexual. That is the story I heard. Again in many other internet sites it mentioned that she-males can knock up a girl.

Why are shemales have more feminine features than masculine features. I mean they are considered more feminine ie like they are expected to dress like female and wear make up.

Why don't the shemales change their sex by surgical operations? In many places shemales are stigmatized and also they can't pose as either male or female when asked the question "gender" in places like submitting forms.

Once again, there is a story that trans-man got pregnant as surrogate (Thomas something). So it looks like the operation removes the extrernal , say masculine, features not the internal parts of genitalia. is it?
I will try to answer this as best as I can, since no one else is.
First, I would think that not ALL transsexual people refer to themselves as such. But for the ones that do, it's probably because they are transsexual. It's just part of who they are, and some transsexual people might be proud of it because maybe they had a rough life, and have to go through a lot, and they have no shame of the fact that they are transsexual and with therefore not hide it.
There can be pre-op and post-op transsexuals, so it has nothing to do with the fact that they did or did not change over. Transsexual refers to a person who identifies as the gender they were not born into. Also, what defines changing over? Some transsexual people chose not to have their reproduction organs changed. (This is how that man got pregnant; he did not remove the female sexual reproduction organs that he was born with, since he was born a biological woman).
The term "she-male" is generally considered disrespectful. It usually means a MtF (male to female) transsexual who chose not to have her penis removed, but who does have breasts. I think really the only time people use the term "she-male" is when being disrespectful or when referring to porn. Some trans-women chose not to have their penis removed. There could be different reasons. For one thing, it can be expensive! For another, some trans-women don't want to have it removed. It's a personal thing for each person. As far as forms and stuff, I think that depends on each state (or country). I don't know anything about that, but as far as I know a trans-woman who still has her penis is still considered a woman.
I think I answered a lot of your questions. I hope I did :P
Is shemale boy or girl or what part more effective on them the male one or female?
are all shemales boys or they are girls with penis some times i saw shemales look like girls and also were so cute and others are a quite males this is confusing
"She-male" is a vile, disgusting slang term invented by the porn industry to describe a certain kind of porn actor. Never use it to describe a transsexual woman or anyone else. That term is the equivalent of the "N" word for us so please don't use it. 99% of transsexual women, like other women, have never done sex work or porn. So using that term is like calling all women prostitutes. Is your mother a prostitute? No? Then don't call transsexual women that either.
I'm Crossdresser. Should I go farther? ?
I'm 41, male, single, and a crossdresser. I've been crossdressing since I was young, before kindergarten. The first time I ever ejaculated I was in my sister's clothes at around 12. I've never really taken it out of the house except for a few times riding around in a car or a secluded walk around somewhere. Anyway, not very often. I don't want to be a crossdresser. I've had gf's before and had intercourse with them. I feel this crossdressing part of my life is not what I should be doing. I feel like it is a dead end down a lonesome street. I don't feel like I had a very good hand dealt to me. I want to play a new game. I don't like this one. The cards are all wrong.

Anway, I still do dress. Not fully. When I am dressed, at least for several years now, sometimes, not always, I fantasize about being with other crossdressers. Well, not crossdressers, really, but T girls. Shemales. Trannies. Whatever you want to call them. I find myself attracted and aroused to the better looking ones on the Internet. I have never been with a guy. I have never contemplated being with a guy. But I find myself curious about T girls.

I have even called up a couple escorts on craigslist but have never followed through. I want to, sort of, but don't know what will come next, or what that will make me, or where it will lead me in my life. I had thoughts about that if I start with a T girl, that will sort of "break the ice" and then I will be free. I don't know. What if I like it? I feel like I want her to take me and that will in a sense validate me somehow. I want to have her, too. I see me as a tranny and her as a tranny, like in the porno videos. We're on a bed and we're having sex. She takes me in her mouth and then takes me in the rear.

I'm scared to go down this road. This sort of would kill all my sense of having a normal life like with a wife and guys and such. What should I do?
You sound like a typical crossdresser. Talking to a gender therapist could help you sort out where you really are and where you are headed.

A transsexual goes down the path towards transition because of the overpowering need to live fully as the gender that they identify as. This is despite the knowledge of possible rejection and loneliness. They do not go down this path due to sexual desires or fantasies.

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