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Do you ever notice that really pretty girls can look butt ugly in pics?
My gf is smokin hot. but all her pics come out not even looking like her. Her face looks long and her skin looks like crap. She;s starting to have really low self-esteem over it thinking that's how she looks. but it's not.
yes ..some pictures do look better than others.. but just tell her that she is beautiful and that a picture shouldnt matter.. cause u are looking at her through ur eyes..
would u answer mine?
Is it weird to take pics of butt and send them to your teachers?
my teachers give me good grades when i do this. is it illegal?
Yes. It's also possibly illegal. You should stop doing this before you get in trouble.
Why wouid anyone allow a friend to take naked pics of her butt?
My boyfriend took naked pics of her a few yrs ago, and she still wants to go out wiry him and not include me. What should I do or say?
Sounds like she has him now.... sorry to break the bad news to you!! Many boys (and some girls too) are attracted to bums in a sexual way - so if your ex-boyfriend is taking pics of someone elses naked butt, then he;s more interested in her body than yours.
Guys, what do you think of a girl sending you butt pics?!?
What would you think if a girl you've been after for several months sends you pic of her butt spontaneously? Would you like it or? would you show it to your friends? I need advice and all the answers I can get. Will choose best answer :) Thanks in advance!
Why would you show it to your friends?

Just take it for what it is...it's a picture of a butt. She may like you...go talk to her about it and see if you can go on a date or something.

But seriously, show it to your friends? That's messed up.
Where can i find video or pics of womans tight butt cheeks?
im now 26 can not seem to shake my love for a Womans nice hard booty, the dimple on the side of the women booty cheek is the most sexy part by far and i want to host americas best butt cheek compatition when i make another 3 million dollers.
Google? I don't really know. Just search for greatest butts or something like that.
Do i have a big butt pics included?
okay real question lol.....do you know any sites that can help me locate my phone i lost? it was really expensive!
Oooo, your a tricky one =)

I think you should go to the Consumer Electronics section and ask this because I don't think anyone would know.

You can try going to the company/store you bought the phone and see if they help.

Best of luck.
Can anyone tell me a site where I can find pics of girls/women showing butt crack?
Sorry this question is so straightforward, blunt and vulgar. I need a few for a report for my sociology class about the changes in women's morals from 1960 to the present. I need them for the part where I talk about the changes in fashion trends. Everyone knows now that crack is the new cleavage, and I want to explain why.
Sent my bf sexy pics of my butt?
I sent my bf a couple pics of my butt with a thong and my face isn't shown at all. We're both 19 and been together for 8 months and he's out of town. I don't know when I'll see him again :(. Ha he really misses me and he said he would send a pic tomorrow. Was it a good idea to do this? I really trust my bf since I've known him for years before we started dating.
I think it was okay, and he will probably get turned on by it.
Do I have a bubble butt? (pics)?
If so, is it big in a bad way? Here are some pics that are butt-relevant:




cheer up! don't get affected by those nasty comments. they're just jealous for they don't have what you got. honestly me, i envy your butt. i wish i had that big. soo nice to look at with pants on.
If a model from a company tells you to send in more butt pics etc what would you think?
answered this call off craigslist for a fashion show. she told me online i had a nice body and she wanted additional pics focusing on my butt, my sides, and my crotch area with thongs, boy shorts, girl briefs, and sheer underwear because she said that they wanted to know how the models look like up close so they'll know what to put on them when it comes to the show. but that wasn't asked for in the casting call. she was like i had the bigger butt than all of the other models so i should send in plenty of those? Is this a sexual scam or something? plus she didn't tell me until the last minute that the company director already wanted me and told her to tell me to send in pictures which i didnt know and know the deadline has passed. think she did that on purpose? and wanted those other pics for herself?
Wow...sounds very shady imho! Did they tell you what you be compensated/paid? If not, its most likely a scam! What type of model agent is this lady?? She sounds like a pervert to be honest!

Have you signed a contract? Have you met with this company? Do you know what type of clientele the company represents? If the answer is no to those questions, just tell the lady you are not interested or avoid contacting her at all costs.

If you are new to modeling I would say maybe its best for you to know what your boundaries are, you should make a list of what you are willing to do (some examples may be swimwear, editorial, glamour) and what YOU ARE NOT going to do (ex: nudity, implied nudity, artistic implied, fetish). The lady asked you for crotch shots? Cmon what type of modeling is that? It sounds like fetish or perhaps porn-related even. Some people try to fool young women into doing adult-related work by claiming its modeling--honey dont sell yourself short and please do not be fooled. Now if thats your thing fine but I dont think you should send any more photos to them because they can probably use your photos and post them online without you knowing. Be careful!!!

some good websites to check out to network as a new, aspiring or professional model:

www.modelmayhem.com you can find castings in your area for PAID work!

You should never have to pay out of pocket unless its just a registration fee to process your info but thats not expensive.
Never pay over 300 bucks for photos unless you seen the actual work of the photographer and have experience. New models should get TFP or TFCD instead of paying since you arent getting any money to do the shoots!

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