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Im playing a joke on a friend so i need to know were i can find i nude pic of a light skin ed black girl but i?
so i need to know were i can find i nude pic of a light skin ed black girl but it cant show her face and she needs to look young
Google Images = turn safe search off.

You'll find one. ^^
Can black girls wear those nude or tan sheer tights or will it look weird?
i was wondering cause im looking for skin coloured tights and i was thinking whether i could wear those????
As long as your butt is COMPLETELY covered (I would be saying that no matter what color your skin was) then it doesn't matter. Just make sure your butt is COMPLETELY covered and you're all good.
Why do black Hooters girls wear "nude" stockings?
Where I live, we just got our first Hooters restaurant and while I've been to Hooters in other areas of the country, I have noticed that, I guess, in all of them, the black women, even the dark skinned ones, where those ugly nude hose. Makes it look like they have on dancer's tights and they don't match their dark skin. Are the nude stockings a necessary part of their wardrobe or can they wear stockings that better match their skin tone, like coffee or brown?
Yes, the nude stockings are a part of the uniform. But, if you are dark-skinned and your manager isn't just some prick that wants to make you look stupid, then they will allow you to pick out a pair that matches your skin tone. Same goes for cocktail waitresses in casinos, tights are required, but you can modify the uniform to your body type. For example, don't know where you live but I've seen a few pretty fat girls working at hooters and as cocktail waitresses, and their skirts and/or shorts are longer than the other girls. It would be discrimination otherwise.
How come black girls don't shave their pubic hair?
Well I've seen people say Asians dont shave down there but I've noticed that blacks dont either.

Every porno/nude entertainment I've seen that had black girls in it, none of the black girls were smooth & their vaginas were covered in hair.

Even on naked news where alot of the white girls are smooth the black girls on naked news are hairy.

Is there something in the African American culture that requires the preservation of ones pubic hair?
Just like African Americans have to be Democrats.
Schoolmate GirL NUDE?
last wk on spring break, i saw a hot Hot freshmen girl who goes to my school. She was nude, and i wasn't. She came over to me, and asked how much i was packing downstairs. I just shrugged, and she pulled my pants down for me, she said i was well hung, and shes never seen a black guys. SHES SO HOT I ALMOST BUSTED JUST STANDING NEAR HER...Should we start dating?
yes and u better do her
Why are school girls wearing nude sheer tights?
Since the guys in our road have gone back to school I notice that a lot of the girls have ditched their thick black opaques for sheer nude tights. I always wear sheer nude tights to work but what has caused this change in the female element of the younger generation and have the boys noticed?

because wen they were young and had no interest in boys they weren't trying to show off their legs as they were young now theyre a bit older more grown up probably going intosecondary school and want to have nice legs on show therfore the tights as there better than using fake tan b4 school
What color bra would a girl want that is functional?
I am going to get my gf a vic sec bra for xmas. Another girl suggested some new one they have that adds size. But, I don't know what color to get. There all "sexy," so what color would be most functional? Nude? Black? Etc? can practically where it with anything. Black shows through...yeah colors are fun, but it is annoying to make sure bras don't show through.
props with getting her a bra. I like guys who are confident enough to do that :)

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