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What would happen if a bunch of big hairy ***** got together and started playing basketball?
the title is self explanatory. anyone got any ideas?

Lol... I can imagine one of them looking like Oden... Hahaha
Would a girl prefer a guy who has a big dick and a really hairy chest or s guy with a small dick abs no hair?
Big dick and hair vs small dick abs and muscles no hair?
probably a big dick and hairy chest. if they have no hair on their chest, they are not a man..

Correction: most men do have some hair on their chest, so i don't know why anyone would mind. AND most women do not say they prefer a small penis so..
Is it bad to be obssesed with naked men?
I love to look at big penises and hairy asses and waxed asses and whatever. I have an obssesion with hairy big dick and hairy ***! Is that bad?
Yes. That's bad. You're too obsessed with something.
I got a question about my toast this mornin?
Hi my name is ice and i got up today and there been a holy apirition in my brakfast visa ve a big hairy dingaling it looked like. does any saint have the patron saint of big *****? i appreciate all the kind words, thank you may god have mercy on your sole. thank -ice
I'm so turned on right now
Ladies and gayboys in your vast experience do masculine men have the biggest *****!?
By Masculine I mean dominant looking possibly handsome big jaw beady eyes naturally broad and muscled hairy with a deep voice!

Do feminine guys ever have big willies?
If a guy acts "masculine & hard", he's probably trying to make up for shortfalls in other areas - like genitals.

A guy that has no problem with his genitals doesn't need to act masculine, so I would say, if anything, the non-masculine guys are likely to be the most well endowed.
What do you think of these baby names?


period and menstrual-cycle
hair-vagina and horny-vagina
period and tampon
tampon and pad
period and hairy-vagina
condom and hairy-penis
condom and dick-and-vagina

If you have any suggestions please share!
Those names are far too common! What's wrong with you, do you want your guy to get bullied or something? Obviously you should use Pubic-Lice for a girl and Gonorrhoea for a boy. Those are the best names ever.
Does anyone know where to find the korn christmas song?
There was the night before christmas,
When all through the house,
Everybody was stoned, even the mouse
Man from the whore house and me from the jail,
I just settled down to get a piece of her tail.

When all of the sudden I heard such a cladder,
I tripped on my dick and busted my bladder!

I went downstairs and what did I see?!
A fat little red ***** hangin' from a tree.

He stuffed the stockings with reefers and beer,
And a big fat hairy dick for the family queer.

That's the end of my story.Funny wasn't it, ya see?

One, two, three, four, Santa can ************ all day!

those are the lyrics. it's called the christmas song - korn. if anyone could find it on myspace it'd be greatly appreciated (:
"X-Mas Song" you can find it on
What defines a cute guy you're attracted to?
hairy? bald? tall? short? ethnicity? abnormally big dick? eye color? personality? smart? good job? optimistic? cynical? somewhat mean but able to be nice? witty? voice? etc...

I'm attracted to.... well... I wanna hear what you guys are attracted to first =]
I absolutely love clean-cut, boy next door type guys, and that is precisely what I look for. I like guys who exercise, but I don't want them to be all muscular. I like toned guys who make an effort to care for themselves as best as they can. Do I like a gym rat? No, 3-4 times a week is fine. Do I look for washboard abs? No. Do I look for a model? Absolutely not. Clean-cut appearance is all I ask for in terms of looks. Eye color does not matter to me. Since I'm 5'7" and I've yet to meet any guy shorter than me, I tend to like them my height or a bit taller. Does that mean I wouldn't consider a guy who is shorter? Of course not. If I'm attracted to him, then I'd definitely give it a shot. He should be intelligent enough to hold a conversation with me and keep it going. In terms of personality, I love it when he's a sweetheart. Compassion and maybe a bit of possessiveness (in a healthy way, of course) is really attractive to me. I'm really protective over those I love, and I would love it if he were the same with me. He should be looking to settle down and be with someone he truly loves, which is exactly what I look for. I do NOT like the gay scene, and I request that he not be involved in it either. He should be himself, and value who he is. This means not conforming to what goes against his values.

Does he have to be rich? Absolutely not! In fact, I'd rather he not be rich! Money is important to live on, but other than that it is worthless to me. It's the person that counts. He should be educated, don't get me wrong. But being educated does not equate to being filthy rich. Money is not an issue for me.

I look for guys who are different than me. A guy who will show me a new side of life, but in a very healthy manner. Given my experience with past relationships, I am very scared to trust anyone. The right guy would understand this and do everything in his power to make me feel comfortable and tear down my walls that I've built up to be so thick.
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I would like to know why mister joey johnson likes to put big black hairy cocks in his mouth.

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