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Why is that Asian women hardly ever have nice butts?
White women, black women, Hispanic women all can have nice butts. However, if say, 1 of 5 white women have nice butts, only 1 in 100 Asian women will. It's just too flat, no shape or form.
Come back when you have gone through all women in China.

Programmers answer this:;…
Why do black women have bigger butts than white women and white women bigger butts than Asian women?
What's the reason for that?
different skeletal pelvic shelf
Why do you think Asian women have flat butts?
They are really flat and unattractive I think. But I'm just talking from a female perspective, so I don't know how guys feel about that. But I always noticed that they have really flat butts. Even the fat ones just gain width, but it stays flat.
Are you a lesbian? Or are you insecure? Is that why you're a woman looking at an Asian woman's behind?

Are you that angry that they're stealing your men? Maybe you can ask the neighborhood Asian therapist how to keep a man satisfied.
Would you say generally Filipinas have larger butts than other asian girls?
To me it seems they do have a little bit more rear ends, maybe from the mosaic of different races in their blood.
Haha that's an interesting question. So far, I think my answer would have to be yes. Going by the number of Asian women and Filipinas I've met in my lifetime, I'd say that the average Filipina has a fuller body compared to most other Asian women. And no, by "full" I do not mean "fat". Being a Filipina myself, I don't find that remark offensive, although I'd understand if other people do. Just throwing my two centavos out there.
Why do you think Asian women have small butts?
I've been dating around quite a bit and I have always noticed that.
It's more like no azz and and their breasts are the size of flea bites.
White and asian men-do you like flat butts or bubble butts?
because im starting a new workout plan that will give me a round shaped butt. and everyones saying black and latino men only like round butts, im attracted to white and asian men.
so how do you like butts: round or flat?
As an Asian guy, I have to say; I like a girl with a bHind.. but not too much, you know what I mean? I don't want to be able to set my glass on it at a party or anything...

Of course, I am engaged to a white girl with the perfect butt, so I'm a little spoiled.

Anyway, to answer your question; different people have different preferences. My vote is in between round and flat though.
What do black guys see in white/asian girls with small butts?
I'm latina, so this is an outside question but I'm just curious as to why black men seem to love certain boney white/asian girls so much when they claim they like thickness.
A lot of black men now a days are just tired of rude women, sorry to be blunt and I'm sure you're probably not like that. You're right, bodies are designed together but black men may like to feel really dominate. But plenty still love a thick ***.
Do you think East Asian women often have too tiny and unfeminine butts?
What's your opinion on this?
Or do you think they have great assets ?
Yes, often they have really small butts, even for their body sizes. They don't often have a 'classic' feminine shape like in Latin women for example
Do you think south east asian girls Naturally have bigger butts or chest more than just east asians?
I mean based from just the ones YOU seen

and do you think south east asian guys tend to be more broad shouldered and muscular more than east asian guys?

but east asian guys tend to be taller?

(based on the ones you have seen)

South east asian= Vietnamese, cambodian, filipino

east asain = japanese ,korean
There are natural differences, not quite as simplistic as you present them here.
White woman have beautiful hair, Asian women have beautiful eyes, black woman have big butts?
Why are other races' of women admired for their beauty, while black women are only spoken as if they are "built for sex"?
This is not true. ANY race of women can have 'beautiful hair', 'beautiful eyes', and a 'big butt'.

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